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K9 Club’s mission is to help parents onboard their kids and teens into the world of NFTs through education and entertainment and games.

From understanding the blockchain, to designing, coding or minting their first NFT,K9 Club will provide online classes, games and grants that will keep the young minds engaged and finally understand what you’ve been babbling about at dinner.

Now you can bring your kids and siblings to your world! K9 Club is a true NFTincubator for the next generation.

15k randomly generated puppies by thousands of combinations!

Pricing: 0.1. No bonding curves.

Free merch, coloring books and swag for each NFT

Online Video Class & Library Access

1NFT gets you
all of this
  • FREE Kids T-Shirt
  • FREE Parent T-Shirt
  • FREE Dog Bandana
  • FREE Physical Coloring Book
  • Free Physical Card Pack – Collector’s Item
  • 1 Online Class Voucher (Coding, Graphic Design and more)
  • 1 Year of Free access to the Videos Library (when live)
  • 1 Free NFT Upgrade (Gen 2)
  • Free NFT Drops along the way
  • 15% Discount on all Maddie’s purchases.


Grown Ups Roadmap

  • Kennel is open for adoption!
  • Puppy Naming
  • Full Merch Store open for Family and Pets with royalty model around it through Maddie’s
  • Partnerships, Collaborations
  • Charities giveaways
  • Creation of $TOKEN & distribution
  • Companion Collection (Gen 2) starts.
  • Breeding
  • Staking and Airdrop Rewards (Fractionalized NFTs to holders)
  • Metaverse integration – Land already purchased.

Kids Roadmap

  • Kennel is open for adoption!
  • Puppy Naming
  • NFT Rewards Airdropped (toys and accessories for your pup)
  • Coloring Books PDF
  • Physical Card collection available for trading.
  • Grants & Scholarship distributed
  • Gen 2 Puppies
  • Online classes for kids in Coding, Graphic Design and more.
  • Video library
  • Metaverse Space for kids with games and more.


Why 15,000?

Well, the more NFTs the more kids and the more kids that learn about NFTs the better our future will be! We’re also giving away more than 500 NFTs!

Why 0.1?

More than just a cute NFT, K9 Club comes with real utility, online class, online games, collectibles and not to mention day 1 gifts and merch to each owner!


Yes, we’re working with awesome partners to bring all of our content to each corner of the world.

DONATIONS & GRANTS? Yes please! What good is a school without students!

Scholarships for underprivileged Kids, Chromebook/Tablet Gifts, Drawing and Coding Competitions (Help Kids launch their own NFT)

When does school starts?

We’re planning to kick off 2022 with the first real class. In the meantime, we’ll be dropping some courses and videos along the way that will keep them entertained and educated!